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rudimentary / элементарный, рудиментарный, зачаточный
имя прилагательное
elementary, simple, rudimentary, ultimate, abecedarian, abecedary
rudimentary, vestigial, inchoate, obsolete, aborted
rudimentary, embryo, inchoate, germinal, infant
имя прилагательное
involving or limited to basic principles.
he received a rudimentary education
School inspectors' reports suggest that education was rudimentary .
Field commanders were tethered to and limited by a very rudimentary logistics infrastructure.
As a result of the mismatches, selection was made according to rudimentary principles.
In the early seventies, aviation throwbacks would haul their rudimentary hang gliders up some remote hillock and leap off.
When I first got into it, the visual language of television animation was very, very rudimentary .
Even as embryos, we possess many anatomical features of our future adult bodies, albeit often in rudimentary form.
They occur frequently in the mines, which often lack even rudimentary safety equipment such as ventilators to disperse the gas.
Occasionally babies are born without a thumb or with a rudimentary thumb.
Medical, education and public infrastructure is almost non-existent and what is there is rudimentary .
A large proportion are children who have barely obtained rudimentary education and live in shacks without basic amenities.