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rudiment / зачаток, рудимент, элементарные знания
имя существительное
rudiment, germ
rudiment, vestige, vestigium
элементарные знания
имя существительное
the first principles of a subject.
she taught the girls the rudiments of reading and writing
an undeveloped or immature part or organ, especially a structure in an embryo or larva that will develop into an organ, limb, etc..
the fetal lung rudiment
a basic pattern used by drummers, such as the roll, the flam, and the paradiddle.
He flows like a slap bassist, performing exhausting rudiments in too-tight spaces with little grace and even less rhythm.
the fetal lung rudiment
This initial pattern changes in larvae of the six and eight arms, when the juvenile rudiment is present.
A small posterior element in this limb may be a rudiment of the fifth metacarpal.
All fetuses from whom the testis rudiment had been removed developed as though they were female, as also did those from whom the developing ovary was removed.
the fetal lung rudiment
They are thus taught the rudiments of yoga, relaxation techniques and certain yoga exercises that can help improve memory and concentration.
I was learning the rudiments - the drum rolls, the double bounces, the single bounces.
When the Laune Pipers' Band was founded in 1944 in Killorglin, it was decided to engage Peter to train the local boys in the rudiments of pipe playing.
Singers and storytellers, the entertainers of those times, included dance in their performances, and created the rudiments of modern theatre, where dialogue takes precedence.
A team of 17 individuals assists the band with marching rudiments , choreography and in developing tight musical and visual components.