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ruddy / румяный, красный, красноватый
имя прилагательное
rosy, ruddy, blushing, red, rubicund, florid
red, blushing, ruddy, florid, gules, blushful
reddish, ruddy, erubescent
делать красным
ruddy, rubefy
делаться красным
имя прилагательное
(of a person's face) having a healthy red color.
a cheerful pipe-smoking man of ruddy complexion
used as a euphemism for “bloody.”.
On the same basis, skiers should be warned that those plank things on their feet could cause them to slide downhill rather rapidly and hangmen that their gallows were a bit unsafe because of that ruddy great trapdoor.
make ruddy in color.
a red flash ruddied the belly of a cloud
The victim of the first attempted burglary described the intruder as in his mid 30s, with a ruddy complexion, sandy hair, and wearing black gloves and a light shirt.
As she had predicted, the stain on the back of her skirt did not come out, and in the time she had been sitting, it had faded the red material to ruddy beige.
The desert coast gave way to the low palms of the Nile delta, and the sea turned ruddy from the fresh water flow of the great river.
He is described as white, about six feet two inches tall aged in his mid to late 30s. with a large build, a shaved head, a ruddy complexion and a distinctive Liverpool accent.
The suspect is white, 5ft 10 in, of medium build with dark brown receding closely cropped hair, brown eyes and ruddy complexion and has a deep voice with a Yorkshire accent.
The independent suspension soaks up all manner of road imperfections from concrete joins to ruddy great holes quietly and without a jolt.
I says to him, 'I'm not answering your bloody questions,' I says, 'I've already told your girl out there, I'm not going to ruddy St Mary's and that's that.'
He had a mop of blond hair and a ruddy complexion.
He was a man of thirty-four or thirty-five years of age, dressed in some grey material, sharp-nosed, alert, with a ruddy , weather-beaten face, and a small, closely cropped, black beard.
She was dressed in a normal housemaid's uniform, but her face was ruddy and she looked like she'd spent her entire life in the country.