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rudder / руль, руль направления, руководящий принцип
имя существительное
rudder, helm
руль направления
руководящий принцип
guide, rudder
имя прилагательное
steering, rudder, cockswain
имя существительное
a flat piece, usually of wood, metal, or plastic, hinged vertically near the stern of a boat or ship for steering.
The ship has rudders and bowthrusters for harbour manoeuvring.
Capt Yost continued the approach, skillfully aligning the aircraft with the runway using right rudder and fanning the speed-brakes once the landing was assured.
Nelson used full left rudder and differential thrust to make an arrested landing.
Yaw and pitch were to be controlled through a tail-mounted rudder and elevator connected by cables to the flier's seat and a shoulder yoke.
The tiny trimtab turns the rudder, and the little rudder turns the giant ship.
Volunteer boatbuilder Henry Thuys tests if the new rudder of the Batavia long boat is responding smoothly.
It was similar to the noise you hear when the aircraft is in a slight sideslip, or the rudder is out of trim.
I threw in a boot full of right rudder to stop the nose from falling below the horizon.
An aeroplane requires a set of wings for lift, wing flaps and rear rudder for control and engines for propulsion.
Although a helicopter has a main blade, rotating at 500 rpm above it, and a tail rotor that acts as a rudder , it remains a completely unstable machine.
It also emerged at the meeting that there were problems with the steering and the rudder .