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rucksack / рюкзак, походный мешок
имя существительное
backpack, rucksack, knapsack, haversack, packsack
походный мешок
имя существительное
a bag with shoulder straps that allow it to be carried on someone's back, typically made of a strong, waterproof material and widely used by hikers; a backpack.
In addition, no bags, rucksacks & backpacks larger than eight inches square will be allowed beyond the ticketing and security checkpoints or into the grounds of the Belfry.
Most use a small rucksack that carries everything including food, drink, clothing, bait and tackle.
She hung the rucksack on her shoulder and walked slowly down the familiar paths she had passed before.
Group members also helped out one of their number who picked up an injury on the second day, carrying his rucksack the rest of the way.
She found a small hollow, pulled out her sleeping bag, used the rucksack as a pillow and tried to get some sleep.
Trekking is not just about carrying a rucksack and wandering around the mountains.
He was wearing a green jacket and dark coloured waterproof trousers and had been carrying a grey rucksack .
He's carrying a rucksack and all these little plastic bags and a penknife.
He has blue eyes, short dark hair and wore a black top and cycling shorts and carried a rucksack .
He was carrying a small rucksack and a small green carrier bag.
Modern rucksacks and sports bags no longer look like simple nylon sacks anymore.