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ruck / морщина, толчея, безликая масса
имя существительное
wrinkle, cockle, ruck, corrugation, line, pucker
jam, throng, ruck, jumble, stamp, squash
безликая масса
делать складки
pleat, crease, pucker, tuck, frounce, ruck
имя существительное
a tightly packed crowd of people.
Harry squeezed through the ruck to order another beer
a crease or wrinkle.
a rucksack.
I barely had time to repack my ruck
compress or move (cloth or clothing) so that it forms a number of untidy folds or creases.
the baby's nightgown was rucked up to his armpits
I barely had time to repack my ruck
This includes a timed run and ruck marches over the hills.
Fortunately he had grabbed his ruck before rushing out and he had his cooking pot, but he was still forced to hunt for food.
Harry squeezed through the ruck to order another beer
Everything I will have has been shoved into a ruck and a duffle.
players will be encouraged to go to the ground when tackled to form a ruck
Each soldier carried a rifle, along with a ruck , during the training, so the training basically replicated the mission the soldiers would be conducting.
they've invited a ruck of people
I've got my gear cranked down in a ruck and a duffle.
Members of the unit are required to complete the 10K ruck march with 55 pounds of weight in their rucksack.