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ruby / рубин, яхонт, красный прыщик
имя существительное
ruby, sardius
ruby, sapphire
красный прыщик
красное вино
red wine, claret, ruby
ярко-красный цвет
vermilion, vermeil, ruby, scarlet, fire red, turkey red
имя прилагательное
cardinal, vermeil, ruby, vermilion, scarlet
имя существительное
a precious stone consisting of corundum in color varieties varying from deep crimson or purple to pale rose.
Her collection is not much but it includes mica, aquamarine, tourmaline, rubies and rose quartz.
Some like their wine light and fruity, others like it ruby red and peppery.
Sophie's hair was also very deep in colour, like raw chestnuts - a warm, ruby brown too dark to be considered truly red or ginger.
After tasting their wine, a smooth, dark ruby Bordeaux blend with a rich berry flavor, I'm convinced they're well on their way.
I put on black eyeliner, mascara, red eye shadow with black tints towards the edges of my eyes, and ruby colored lipstick.
White and yellow flowers among the darker ruby reds and burnt oranges, often soften the overall effect and leads the eye through the flower bed.
The glass was broad and relatively shallow, without the curvature inherent in the wine glasses I knew; the liquid inside it was red, almost ruby in the wavering light.
On its chest is an explosion of scarlet, an unforgettable hue deeper than coral but brighter than ruby .
This ruby beer displayed a velvet hue, and an aroma of dark chocolate and roasted coffee.
Susan likes to cook, so the kitchen is a focal point in the house, with a warm colour scheme of Burmese ruby combined with honey cream to offset the minimalism.
The rings will be offered in yellow or white gold, with an optional diamond or ruby .