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rubric / рубрика, заголовок, абзац
имя существительное
heading, rubric, bracket, head
heading, headline, caption, head, banner, rubric
paragraph, indent, indention, indentation, indenture, rubric
имя существительное
a heading on a document.
Ten chapters, each laid out under the rubric of a song title, map out some of the main concerns of popular music studies in a textbook format.
It is significant that social movements research, previously rather marginal, has been gradually drawn into the centre of social theory, particularly under the rubric of new social movements.
These interventions fall under the general rubric of cognitive behavioural therapy.
Under this rubric are included such forces as the local militia and the constabulary.
Fourteen works in various mediums sat quite comfortably beneath this rubric , each straddling the realms of commercial advertising and formalist abstraction.
To complicate matters slightly, I would like also to bring up another rubric - that of ‘local identity’.
Religion as an academic discipline and campus ethos was, in general, the guiding rubric ; that left out, for example, religious rituals and practices.
art for a purpose, not for its own sake, was his rubric
While Ranade deploys the resources of the surrealist tradition to achieve his ends, it would be simplistic to gloss his work under that rubric .
In Anglo - American psychiatry, much of what was characterized as conversion hysteria in psychodynamic psychiatry is now classified under the more scientific-sounding rubric of somatization disorder.
The discussions were organised under the rubric of four broad themes: economic production, access to wealth, civil society and the public arena, and, political power and ethics.