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rubdown / обтирание, массаж, чистка лошади
имя существительное
rubdown, sponging-down
massage, rubdown, beating
чистка лошади
grinding, polish, abrasion, dressing, rubdown
имя существительное
a massage.
Whether Swedish, shiatsu or a basic sports massage, these rubdowns have earned their reputation for buoying mind, body and spirit.
Six days of hardcore mountain hiking means you earn that daily rubdown .
The treatment ends with a rubdown using warm, lavender-scented towels.
For an excellent rubdown at a bargain rate, try the 55-minute head-to-toe massage.
Evening primrose, which has been used to help us unwind for centuries, is perfect for a relaxing rubdown .
I'll give him a nice relaxing rubdown and he won't be able to resist me!
Edmontonians in the market for a rubdown or a scrubdown voted the salon number one for the first year.
Immediately after the sauna we got a rubdown , which, I swear, took half my skin off.
A quick rubdown , another warning about soap and I'm off.
While not as pleasurable as your typical spa massage, a good sports rubdown certainly has its moments and will leave you feeling like a new man.
For a full body rubdown , you have a range of price options.