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rubble / бут, валун, булыжник
имя существительное
boulder, bowlder, rubble, nodule
cobblestone, cobble, rock, rubble, pebble, paving stone
имя существительное
waste or rough fragments of stone, brick, concrete, etc., especially as the debris from the demolition of buildings.
two buildings collapsed, trapping scores of people in the rubble
The buildings were reduced to rubble , a few sorry pillars left standing.
Seventeen people were killed and the town was reduced to rubble in the quake.
Towns have been reduced to rubble , buildings gutted and property worth millions of U.S. dollars destroyed.
It is made of roughly coursed undressed rectangular stone facings with a rubble core.
two buildings collapsed, trapping scores of people in the rubble
But yesterday at 12 noon Vernon House was reduced to rubble by demolition experts.
They were infilled with rubble and sodded to create a low rectangular mound.
The walls are rubble and sand, infested with fleas and insects.
It reduced buildings to rubble , trapping people inside them.
When they arrived at one particular intersection, they found it was now blocked by debris and rubble .