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rubbish / мусор, хлам, чушь
имя существительное
litter, rubbish, garbage, trash, refuse, sweepings
trash, rubbish, junk, stuff, lumber, rummage
nonsense, rubbish, drivel, garbage, hooey, tripe
превращать в обломки
break, break down, fracture, destroy, snap, rubbish
имя существительное
waste material; refuse or litter.
an alleyway high with rubbish
criticize severely and reject as worthless.
he has pointedly rubbished professional estimates of the development and running costs
имя прилагательное
very bad; worthless or useless.
people might say I was a rubbish manager
Some people were having to take their excess rubbish to the municipal waste depot at Thornton-le-Dale.
And we can safely say that it is a load of rubbish .
The claim made by the Minister that this bill will reduce compliance costs, and suchlike, is a load of rubbish .
From the start of the procession we were pelted with rubbish , litter, very hard sweets, stones and eggs.
There are still a few die-hard bigots around who still believe that sort of rubbish .
The Government has known for five years that disposing of solid toxic waste with domestic rubbish would be banned, bringing the UK in line with the rest of Europe.
It is smug, fundamentalist rubbish to suggest that simply because people do not believe in this particular bill, they are anti-family.
I think the idea of a metrosexual man is a load of rubbish .
The government and councils have told bin workers to refuse to collect rubbish from homes that have not paid.
What a load of rubbish , how can they stand there talking such nonsense in front of reporters?