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rubbing / трение, натирание
имя существительное
friction, abrasion, rubbing, rub, attrition, chafing
rubbing, rub
имя существительное
the action of rubbing something.
dab at the stain—vigorous rubbing could damage the carpet
an impression of a design on brass or stone, made by rubbing on paper laid over it with colored wax, pencil, chalk, etc..
He has exhibited all over the world with creations that range from collages and sketches to stone rubbings and oil paintings of such richness and depth that the canvas takes one year to dry.
move one's hand or a cloth repeatedly back and forth on the surface of (something) with firm pressure.
she rubbed her arm, where she had a large bruise
Certainly, it is important to get rid of protein deposits on the contact lens, but you do this with gentle rubbing of the lens with the finger.
Cartilage between the bones gradually wastes away, and this can lead to painful rubbing of bone on bone in the joints.
The sores are caused because of pressure, friction, and rubbing of the saddle against the skin while walking.
Using a clean soft towel and gently washing instead of vigorously rubbing will lessen any discomfort of bathing.
Naptha, often recommended, can ignite, just from a spark from friction or rubbing .
Though a bodyboard is slippery, hours of rubbing can cause rashes.
The skin of people with EB simplex is so fragile that even minor rubbing may cause blistering.
Frequent blowing and rubbing with tissues can dry out the skin on your nose, causing chapping.
Dry your skin by blotting or patting, but don't rub - rubbing may cause damage.
Open pores are more affected by rubbing or abrasion, causing these fabrics to wear out sooner.