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rubber / каучук, резина, резинка
имя существительное
rubber, caoutchouc, gum, india rubber, gum elastic
rubber, gum, caoutchouc, gum elastic, india rubber
rubber band, elastic, eraser, rubber, india rubber, shirr
резиновые изделия
rubber, rubbers
eraser, rubber, india rubber
имя прилагательное
rubberized, rubber, rubbered
покрывать резиной
rubberize, rubber
pry, rubberneck, poke about, rubber
вытягивать шею
crane, crane over, crane down, crane out, rubberneck, rubber
stare, gape, gawp, rubberneck, yawp, rubber
имя существительное
a tough elastic polymeric substance made from the latex of a tropical plant or synthetically.
One advantage of this material is that it is more resistant to alcohols than natural rubber latex and vinyl.
a contest consisting of a series of successive matches (typically three or five) between the same sides or people in tennis, cricket, and other games.
They couldn't beat Jill Schofield and Viv Williamson but won five of the rubbers , top scorers for Poppleton being Kath Halliday and Hilary Spencer winning 22 games.
I was shocked to see that it had rubber tires rather than steel wheels.
The bands are basically thick rubber tubing that is colour-coded to various levels of strength.
heat and sunlight may cause rubber to deteriorate
The range mats are made of hard black rubber strips that resemble the insides of tires.
My son's pencil case contains a pencil, a ruler, pencil sharpener and a rubber .
Clifton were a pairing short due to illness and then had to concede a further three rubbers owing to an injury picked up in the opening game of the first rubber .
Using a rubber spatula, fold in the oats, apricots, and pistachios.
a rubber plantation
Bubwith rescued a point by winning the middle rubber 21-15.
When the pitcher disengages the rubber , he must drop his hands to his sides.