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rub-down / обтирание, массаж, чистка лошади
имя существительное
rubdown, sponging-down
massage, rubdown, beating
чистка лошади
имя существительное
a massage.
Whether Swedish, shiatsu or a basic sports massage, these rubdowns have earned their reputation for buoying mind, body and spirit.
South of the border, though, the realism is as gritty as a towel rub-down with sandy suntan lotion.
a shower and a brisk rub-down with a towel
I tackled it with a swipe from my duster and then a vigorous rub-down with polish and a dust cloth.
rub-down transfers
Kat wrapped a towel around him and gave him a quick rub-down to start drying him off.
I chatted with Mai through the door as my jeans joined the shirt and I gave myself a cursory rub-down with a washcloth almost coarse enough to hurt.