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rub / тереть, тереться, втирать
rub, grate, scrub, chafe, friction, rasp
rub, chafe
rub, rub in, chafe
имя существительное
friction, abrasion, rubbing, rub, attrition, chafing
trituration, friction, rub, chafing, embrocation
камень преткновения
rub, offense, stumbling-block, stumbling-stone, offence
имя существительное
an act of rubbing.
she pulled out a towel and gave her head a quick rub
a difficulty, especially one of central importance in a situation.
that was the rub—she had not cared enough
an inequality of the ground impeding or diverting a bowl; the diversion or hindering of a bowl by this.
He got a brilliant rub with his bowl to Farley's corner and he was suddenly a bowl of odds clear again.
move one's hand or a cloth repeatedly back and forth on the surface of (something) with firm pressure.
she rubbed her arm, where she had a large bruise
After your shower/bath get some baby powder or scented lotion and rub it all over your body.
Do not wear uncomfortable or tight shoes that rub or cut into your feet.
I also keep Bach Rescue Remedy in my first-aid kit, along with a good muscle balm and a chest rub .
He went over to the first aid kit and got some ointment to rub onto Juliet's wounds.
If babies are teething, rub peppermint oil or aloe vera gel on the gums, or give them a teaspoon of the chamomile/ginger tea brew as needed.
Before examining a patient, hospital staff should make sure they have washed their hands or cleaned them with a special alcohol rub or gel.
Alternatively, rub the butter into the dry ingredients in a large mixing-bowl until combined.
badly fitting shoes can rub painfully
a muscle rub
They shouldn't do this, though, because the fiberglass edges can rub on the skin and cause irritation.