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royalty / королевская власть, авторский гонорар, царственность
имя существительное
королевская власть
royalty, crown, throne
авторский гонорар
royalty, queenliness
имя существительное
people of royal blood or status.
diplomats, heads of state, and royalty shared tables at the banquet
a sum of money paid to a patentee for the use of a patent or to an author or composer for each copy of a book sold or for each public performance of a work.
Under the 1909 copyright law and its progeny, a song's composers collect royalties for a ‘public performance’ like the radio broadcast of a CD.
a royal right (now especially over minerals) granted by a sovereign to an individual or corporation.
The unstable government has been reliant on Australian troops, police and economic aid, a situation ruthlessly exploited by Canberra in the dispute over royalties and sovereignty.
The feudal past comes alive in the splendid portraits of royalty in full regalia, the photographs of palaces and luxurious interiors, and curiosities such as the Bahawalpur bed.
For instance, each room built for royalty was to fit each member of the court no matter what time of day, holiday, or placement.
The livery company can trace its line back to the 15th century, when its craftsmen made the silver and gold threads used on the embroidered garments worn by royalty and nobility.
If Yeoman treated her employees like family, she treated her customers like royalty .
The best-documented death rituals were those associated with royalty or high nobility.
Rather than rare luxuries for royalty or nobility, well-made gloves were soon to be made available for everyone.
The title of princess, and later Queen, comes with not only the joys of royalty , but with great responsibility and knowledge.
The old view, espoused by Aeschylus and Shakespeare and many in between, was that good drama must involve royalty or nobility.
By the entrance are various commemorative plaques honouring the visits of recent British royalty and grandest noblemen of Norman roots, such as the Duke of Norfolk.
the brilliance of her clothes, her jewels, all revealed her royalty