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royalist / роялист, монархист, реакционер
имя существительное
royalist, cavalier
monarchist, royalist
reactionary, rightist, royalist, reactionist, conservative, standpatter
имя существительное
a person who supports the principle of monarchy or a particular monarchy.
The royalists believe the monarch is a national icon.
имя прилагательное
giving support to the monarchy.
the paper claims to be royalist
I think he's a brilliant humanitarian and does a lot of good work, but I'm not sure if it would have been the best thing for us to do to do a staunchly royalist concert to support our second record.
Hywel's name may carry the same significance, or be later royalist propaganda projected into a mythical past.
If the populist, royalist Daily Mail saw itself as supporting a very successful project, the tone in the Telegraph remained more in keeping with older ideas of the monarchy.
Suspicious of royalist strength and opposing the armistice made with Prussia, the Communards wanted to continue the war and were determined that France should regain the principles of the First Republic.
This royalist victory was partly because the Bonapartists and republicans were both discredited by fighting a losing war, and partly because many of the local notables who were elected were instinctively royalist .
On Chambord's death Lyautey's royalist sympathies seem to have atrophied.
At Marston Moor, in 1644, he commanded the left wing of the royalist army.
Yugoslavia as it emerged from World War Two was the product of a popular movement against the Nazi occupation and Serbian royalist forces.
Our report on the Yorkshire Evening Post's premature coverage of the death of the Queen Mother caused outrage among royalist Register readers.
The political pendulum swung back towards the crown in 1772 when an increasingly discredited system was overturned by Gustav III's remarkably popular royalist coup.