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royal / королевский, царский, царственный
имя прилагательное
royal, regal, kingly, queenly, basilic, king's
royal, regal, kingly, purple
regal, royal, kingly, princely, queenly, queenlike
имя существительное
член королевской семьи
royal, royalty
благородный олень
red deer, royal stag, royal
большой формат бумаги
royal, atlas, royal paper
имя прилагательное
having the status of a king or queen or a member of their family.
contributors included members of the royal family
имя существительное
a member of a royal family, especially in England.
At 11.10 am Royal Family members, foreign royals and members of the Queen Mother's family will be seated.
a paper size, now standardized at 636 × 480 mm.
Political leaders saddened by Princess Margaret's death have paid tribute to the popular royal .
Stuart and Rosemary Robson have translated and edited eighteen essays about Javanese royal palaces in the late colonial period.
The Restoration brought back the Stuarts but not intensive royal patronage.
From here you can walk to Amalienborg, the royal palace, the impressive buildings of which are patrolled by guards in busbies.
West of the city there was also much activity around Westminster where an abbey existed from at least the 8th century and which later became the focus for a royal palace and the seat of power.
royal household
Some 25 British Royals, as well as members of foreign royal families, were in attendance.
There is more to Rajasthan than just its royal splendour or amazing camel rides through never-ending sand dunes.
He ensured there were Tudor roses on the gowns of the staff and on the Tudor coloured counterpanes of the beds; the roof and stained glass windows were also of royal quality.
I can see the great royal palace of Mandalay, shimmering across the moat.