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rowdy / дебошир, буян, хулиган
имя существительное
rowdy, roughneck, ruffian, rough, hell-raiser
bully, hooligan, hoodlum, ruffian, tough, rowdy
имя прилагательное
noisy, bustling, loud, tumultuous, rowdy, uproarious
exuberant, lush, wild, riotous, luxuriant, rowdy
имя прилагательное
noisy and disorderly.
it was a rowdy but good-natured crowd
имя существительное
a noisy and disorderly person.
All rowdies go there, and the watchman had so many skirmishes with them.
When a loud, rowdy group of kids came in, I just kept my head down and ignored them.
Police now have more powers than ever to crack down on boozy rowdy behaviour.
Be especially aware of late night, rowdy discussions around the campfire, or yelling and shouting.
Every so often the Royal Marines let off smoke grenades to disperse the increasingly rowdy crowd.
In Billericay, police were called to move on a crowd of more than 50 rowdy supporters after they spilled on to the High Street, but no arrests were made.
Residents using the shops have complained about the group's rowdy behaviour and businesses say they are losing customers.
In 1992, he was arrested after rowdy scenes outside a Nottingham nightclub, but released without charge.
One by one, loud, rowdy girls begin to file in from the halls.
His enervated foster parents solved the problem by giving the little rowdy into the custody of a cloister.
Crowds of rowdy youngsters streaming into Walton from outlying towns and villages are causing a problem.