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row / ряд, ссора, спор
имя существительное
series, range, row, variety, line, sequence
quarrel, row, altercation, contention, bickering, disagreement
dispute, controversy, argument, debate, quarrel, row
noise, sound, uproar, din, clamor, row
ряд домов
row, pull, oar
row, brawl, roughhouse, act up, rag
ставить в ряд
align, aline, row
располагать рядами
перевозить в лодке
boat, row
имя существительное
a number of people or things in a more or less straight line.
her villa stood in a row of similar ones
a period of rowing.
The two friends had gone for a light row and were turning the double scull boat opposite the boat slip at the Rowing Club when Kieran became suddenly ill.
a noisy acrimonious quarrel.
they had a row and she stormed out of the house
propel (a boat) with oars.
out in the bay a small figure was rowing a rubber dinghy
have a quarrel.
they rowed about who would receive the money from the sale
they sat in the front row
The Italian crew will row their flagship, the Disdotona, on the way back from the Henley Regatta, accompanied by two Venetian racing fours.
He lashes his fishing line inside his little boat and begins to row to shore.
Sometimes, in calm seas, when the outboard stuttered and needed coaxing with frequent plug de-oilings, Angus would row the boat.
A hospital at the centre of a row after failing to diagnose two patients with cancer has received praise from independent inspectors for its cancer care.
Our final day was again beautifully sunny, if freezing, so we decided to row a boat around one of Donegal's many lochs.
Within a week of the wedding, he was back at the theater, ensconced in his customary aisle seat in the third row .
We pulled up into a winding driveway that was lined by a row of rose bushes, all in full bloom.
A report to the council's monthly meeting yesterday said two or three more surgical appointments could be made without impacting on the two posts at the centre of the row .
they had a row and she stormed out of the house