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roust / руст
cause to get up or start moving; rouse.
I rousted him out of his bed with a cup of coffee
The sweeps were part of his strategy for weeding predators out of the Skid Row mix, and not designed to roust people legally on the street.
When you're on foot, Nick Kang can fight, shoot, flash his badge, fire in the air and roust suspects.
The soldiers dismount and secure the area and with little warning, kick in the door, roust the residents out of the house, and search and ransack the home.
The cops treat him like a common hood and roust him at a moment's notice.
In the springtime, my dad would roust us out of the house dressed in jeans, boots, sweatshirts and stocking caps to go eradicate noxious weeds.
Every two hours, guards roust them to conduct a head count.
While foraging, the pigs roust grubs that the pheasants eat.
‘I think we'd better go and roust him out of bed,’ Wendy decided.
If you camp out somewhere, knowing full well that it's against the law, you can't really get too cranky about it when someone comes to roust you.
Generations of East Texans had hunted deer with dogs, depending on the howling canines to roust deer from the region's thickets.