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rouse / будить, побуждать, возбуждать
wake, wake up, awaken, awake, rouse, arouse
urge, incite, motivate, induce, impel, rouse
excite, stir, stir up, arouse, bring, rouse
имя существительное
reveille, rouse
cup, rouse
сильная встряска
имя прилагательное
startling, striking, amazing, astounding, staggering, rouse
bring out of sleep; awaken.
she was roused from a deep sleep by a hand on her shoulder
cause to feel angry or excited.
the crowds were roused to fever pitch by the drama of the race
stir (a liquid, especially beer while brewing).
rouse the beer as the hops are introduced
On my return to England I made two attempts to rouse interest in the book.
Laertes's certitude reminds me of one moment in which Hamlet tries to rouse himself to a similar passion.
rouse the cable out
He set his equipment beside the campfire, patted Tyler's head enough to make him just start to rouse , then flashed a wicked grin before moving to the shadows.
I merely wish to get up and to rouse myself, so as to think that I am still master of myself.
The racket was tremendous, and eventually caused Mara to rouse himself from study and look over the rails just as a fifty-foot high pillar roared past and set the sky alight with Imperial flame.
‘Mmm, no,’ I protested to whoever was shaking my shoulder gently, trying to rouse me from sleep.
The thick windows distorted the rays of the morning sun, but the light was still enough to rouse Jantha from her sleep.
Any ruler who wishes to attain his noblest ends must rouse himself to follow the dictates of virtue in all his public acts.
she'd just stay a few more minutes, then rouse herself and go back