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roundel / рондо, медальон, кружок
имя существительное
rondo, roundel, rondeau, round text
medallion, locket, roundel
circle, coterie, circlet, section, roundel, balloon
имя существительное
a small disk, especially a decorative medallion.
Antarctic veteran Bill Storer presents the roundel of Auster A11-201 to the director of the RAAF Museum, David Gardner.
a short poem consisting of three stanzas of three lines each, rhyming alternately, with the opening words repeated as a refrain after the first and third stanzas. The form, a variant of the rondeau, was developed by Swinburne.
Swinburne commanded an impressive variety of verse forms, writing in classical metres, composing burlesques, modern and mock-antique ballads, roundels , etc.
It bears the shield of Mexico City within a crowned roundel and a Spanish legend that can be translated, ‘On His Accession to the Throne of Mexico City on December 27, 1789.’
The example shown is ornamented with concentric bands of decoration around a group of folk dancers in the central roundel .
Particular highlights include an extraordinarily beautiful large French panel, c.1500 depicting Charles VIII, and an extremely rare French thirteenth-century roundel depicting the execution of John the Baptist.
Antarctic veteran Bill Storer presents the roundel of Auster A11-201 to the director of the RAAF Museum, David Gardner.
His most notable acquisitions include a jade flask belonging to Clive of India, and a newly rediscovered renaissance Mantuan roundel of Vulcan and Venus.
The most telling and haunting part of the wreck is the Royal Australian Air Force roundel that has faded with time and was torn in half during a salvage attempt.
The portrait circumscribes the subject: in showing usually only the head and shoulders in an oval or a roundel , the miniature constitutes a reduction from life-size to miniature and from the whole body to a part.
A double broken gable was placed atop displaying the festooned Chigi mountains and crowned by their star enclosed in a roundel .
The inscription in the roundel indicates that the movement was made after Godshalk moved to Philadelphia about 1763 or 1764 from Towamencin, a town just outside the city.
The film actually showed the colours of the roundel , which were unmistakably British, the unique undercarriage design of the Harrier, its name - Harrier - and its serial number.