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roundabout / обходной, окольный, кружный
имя прилагательное
roundabout, devious, circuitous, indirect, oblique, round-out
circuitous, roundabout, devious
имя существительное
carousel, roundabout, carrousel, whirligig, carousal, turnabout
окольный путь
detour, roundabout, sideway, back way, circumbendibus
загон скота
roundabout, round-up
вокруг да около
имя прилагательное
not following a short direct route; circuitous.
we need to take a roundabout route to throw off any pursuit
имя существительное
a close-fitting, waist-length jacket worn by men and boys.
She decided not to take the route through the village but to walk the roundabout way along the forest's edge in order to not having to see the horror any more.
My chief of staff selected this roundabout route to throw the news media off our trail.
He does not explicate this roundabout reference to circumcision.
In a roundabout way, I did answer his question with a ‘no.’
It was a roundabout apology but I took what I could.
She was having such fun, so much that she all but forgot that Terel was following her on her roundabout joyride against the wind.
I had watched from the Citadel as the procession made its way on a roundabout route through the streets of Mainport.
It's clear that he is locked in his own world now, from his careful - and almost always roundabout - way of answering questions to the faint, humbled tone with which he speaks.
In a roundabout way we come back to the problem I had with it.
That famous voice is never more honeyed than when it's saying - in a courteous, roundabout way - ‘No.’