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round-up / сводка новостей, облава, загон скота
имя существительное
сводка новостей
raid, round-up, battue, stalking
загон скота
roundabout, round-up
имя существительное
a systematic gathering together of people or things.
mass police roundups and detentions
Here's a little round-up of things people are speculating on, and some things people have actually done.
He was not specifically targeted, but was arrested as part of a general round-up after terrorist incidents.
Our annual round-up helps us manage for a wild population that is increasingly becoming older.
Here is a round-up of some of the key events in this long, long struggle.
On both occasions he was arrested in a round-up .
The film opens in America on September 26, after which we will deliver a round-up of the critical opinion.
a news round-up every fifteen minutes
So my round-up of 2004 might be cruelly curtailed.
In part one we provided a round-up of copy protection schemes for digital audio and video.
The following day I'll post the round-up of all entries.