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roughneck / хулиган, безобразник, мужлан
имя существительное
bully, hooligan, hoodlum, ruffian, tough, roughneck
hooligan, roughneck, scamp
bumpkin, yahoo, roughneck
имя существительное
a rough and uncouth person.
The roughnecks and hooligans have gone and instead families on a Saturday night dine alfresco on the broad shrub-lined pavements as though they were in Paris.
an oil rig worker.
He gave two-thirds of full-time employees - everyone from top management to roughnecks working on oil rigs - Net-linked laptops.
work on an oil rig.
his savings from roughnecking are gone
Palmer himself was hired as roughneck in 1953, when he was 18.
Ultimately the little roughneck escapes, and she bonds with the town's biggest nerd.
He was smart, liked to read, wasn't a roughneck like most kids, and liked being alone from time to time.
When I worked in the South as a roughneck on oil rigs and as a steamfitter, I saw men like Walt get hung out to dry.
It wouldn't be politically wise for the ambitious local marshal to be associated with a roughneck like Horn.
During the Interior secretary's tenure, Taylor jumped to more lucrative work as a pumper, roughneck , and roustabout on Wyoming's oil wells.
The Outback Australian roughneck is not more charitable, or enlightened, than his American counterpart - the redneck.
The bump-backs cascade down the hierarchy of skills and seniority; the roustabouts and roughnecks in lesser-skilled positions and typically of recent hire go walking.
Despite their formidable learning and enlightenment, they possibly knowingly refused to distinguish between gentlemen and roughnecks , and did not prevent anyone from coming near them.
Over the next hundred years the Wind River Valley attracted only a few hardy farmers, ranchers, and roughnecks .