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roughly / приблизительно, грубо, бурно
about, approximately, some, roughly, nearly, circa
rough, roughly, tough, rudely, grossly, coarsely
roughly, explosively, turbulently
in a manner lacking gentleness; harshly or violently.
the man picked me up roughly
in a manner lacking refinement and precision.
people were crouching over roughly built brick fireplaces
The identity of the bad guy is telegraphed through after roughly twenty minutes.
this is a walk of roughly 13 miles
It was rectangular and about the length of my hand, and was wrapped roughly in brown paper, like it had been done in a hurry.
A chauffeur opened the door and Natalie was roughly shoved into the back of the limo with Evan right behind her.
Oconomowoc is, in fact, a town in southern Wisconsin, roughly halfway between Milwaukee and Madison.
Everyone was silent on the rest of the walk to the roughly cut door.
the narrative is, roughly speaking , contemporary with the earliest of the gospels
Six other guards stepped forward and roughly grabbed Maria, Andrea, and Jackie.
Here are my thoughts on the remaining contenders, in roughly ascending order of preference.
the man picked me up roughly