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roughen / делать грубым, делать шероховатым, грубеть
делать грубым
roughen, rough, coarsen, dehumanize
делать шероховатым
roughen, rough
roughen, coarsen
make or become rough.
the wind was roughening the surface of the river
Apply a thickening/volumizing product to the root area to roughen the hair's texture there, which will make styling easier.
Again its a case of getting these young guys to look a bit scarier and to shorten and roughen up their songs.
Other equipment like discs and harrows can be used to roughen the texture of the soil on a slope.
As the surfaces roughen , inflammation and the number of bleeds can increase.
If the tube is salvageable cut one of the patches to the size required and lightly roughen the area where the patch is to be installed with a bit of sand paper.
The coarser the powder, the more the grains roughen up the surface for more of a textured finish.
I've heard mixed feedback regarding the use of a mild acid wash to roughen up or etch the surface and create more traction.
Drain the potatoes well, then use a fork to roughen the outside of each potato to make the crunchy crust.
I then used some 180 grit sandpaper to roughen up the surface of the plexi to create the desired effect.
He was clean shaven, only a few small whiskers roughened his otherwise smooth chin.