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rough / грубый, черновой, приблизительный
имя прилагательное
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, tough
approximate, rough, general
rough, roughly, tough, rudely, grossly, coarsely
имя существительное
rough, roughness, irregularity, asperity, jog, abruptness
трудный период
bully, hooligan, hoodlum, ruffian, tough, rough
мириться с лишениями
терпеть лишения
имя прилагательное
having an uneven or irregular surface; not smooth or level.
take a square of sandpaper, rough side out
(of a person or their behavior) not gentle; violent or boisterous.
strollers should be capable of withstanding rough treatment
not finished tidily or decoratively; plain and basic.
the customers sat at rough wooden tables
имя существительное
a disreputable and violent person.
Exhausted, the roughs finally shaken off, at 1 a.m. the sweat-soaked, frightened, and bedraggled dandy hammered at the door of his last-hope refuge.
(on a golf course) longer grass around the fairway and the green.
his second shot was in the rough on the left
a preliminary sketch for a design.
I did a rough to work out the scale of the lettering
an uncut precious stone.
Over the course of six decades, Frank Sinatra managed to be both the diamond and the rough .
work or shape (something) in a rough, preliminary fashion.
flat surfaces of wood are roughed down
live in discomfort with only basic necessities.
she had had to rough it alone in a dive
in a manner that lacks gentleness; harshly or violently.
treat ’em rough but treat ’em fair
What a fragile vessel to sail into the rough seas that lay ahead!
I was awoken when I felt something soft and rough licking my face.
He was a rough man, but out of his venality and his bestial nature erupted this divine expression on the canvas.
The blast brought him to his senses and he scrambled to his feet and ran for all he was worth, down the slope and across the rough ground of the valley bottom.
The trouble is that they are not rough or ‘warehousey’ enough.
Scientists at the European Space Agency think the lighter areas indicate a rough surface, and the dark areas are smooth.
Now that I was getting somewhere, I took out another piece of paper to write my rough draft on.
His black eyes looked soft and his blonde hair was rough and long.
I pretended to be very interested in my carrots, wondering if his hands were rough or soft and wishing I had permission to find out.
A group of rough looking men sat around a fire, drinking and laughing heartily.