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rouge / румяна, губная помада, схватка вокруг мяча
имя существительное
rouge, blusher, paint
губная помада
lipstick, rouge
схватка вокруг мяча
scrummage, rouge, scrum, scrimmage
rouge, paint
красить губы
rouge, redden
имя существительное
(in Canadian football) a single point awarded when the receiving team fails to run a kick out of its own end zone.
color with rouge.
her brightly rouged cheeks
I must have blushed, because he told me that my face matched my dress and to go easy on the rouge .
The former dramatic soprano dresses for the camera, cheeks feverish with rouge , a multipointed jester's hat and veil on her head, bejeweled hands, ratty fur stole.
My makeup routine was complete once I dusted my cheeks with rouge and applied colored lip-gloss.
For one thing she was wearing rouge on her cheeks and kohl about her eyes.
Instead she turned her attention to applying a tasteful amount of rouge to her cheeks with a small red puff from one of the many decorative tin boxes that lined the table.
I covered my cheeks with rouge heavily that night.
Lydia also managed to dot a little bit of rouge on her cheeks and smudge the smallest amount of make-up onto her eyelids despite Sarah's protests.
What a cliché, thought Sibyl, brushing rouge upon her cheeks very lightly.
Her skin had been scrubbed until it was soft, and then brushed over with powder and rouge so that they looked rosy and merry.
On her head they placed a diamond-studded crown, and then added a touch of rouge to each cheek.