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rotunda / ротонда
имя существительное
rotunda, pelisse
имя существительное
a round building or room, especially one with a dome.
Similar to the curving rotundas of many capitol buildings, but, crucially, allowing in more daylight, it is monumental without losing its human scale.
If he treats the rotunda like the tower, some solar shading may be in the works.
Above this is a four-sided arched structure, and this is surmounted by a rotunda with Corinthian columns enclosing two statues.
From the museum rotunda , a huge angular mirror draws you into the exhibition space.
In the center of this Greek cross plan, he placed a rotunda surmounted by a low dome topped by a lantern.
Using historical photographs, they restored the rotunda and legislative chamber to their original antebellum style.
Some of the ceilings, especially that of the domed rotunda and the dining room, are richly decorated.
All of the collection's pictures were displayed in long and narrow rooms on the second floor around a rotunda containing sculpture.
Visitors during the summer of 2002 may expect to see a new black-and-white marble floor in the rotunda beneath the dome.
The center of Schinkel's building also contained a large rotunda , modeled on the Pantheon in Rome, where statues of the ancient gods inhabited niches recessed in the circular floor.
Cold stone hallways wound away from the central rotunda where Mera stood.