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rotund / пухлый, круглый, толстый
имя прилагательное
plump, rotund, cherubic, padded, round, podgy
round, circular, rotund, cool, orbicular, moony
thick, fat, stout, fleshy, heavy, rotund
имя существительное
decay, stagnation, rotund
имя прилагательное
(of a person) plump.
Two beady eyes set too far apart regarded them lifelessly, head cocked to the side to expose what little neck the rotund man had.
(of speech or literary style) indulging in grandiloquent expression.
This phraseology is grandiose, rotund and sonorous, but signifies a fatal weakness in Walcott's approach to both Brand and Philip.
Serving pots for coffee retained the tall tapered look of their Arab counterparts, while tea pots retained the squat, rotund shape initially seen in China.
The four youngest were rotund and grimy like their parents.
He has often been called the king of the slow burn, the incremental building up of rage until his entire rotund body explodes in anger.
He was a small, rotund old man, but he knew his trade well.
A short and rotund figure waddled onto the stage.
Her rotund frame was crowded onto a porch swing, her naturally white hair colored, poorly, I might add, red.
The population there is much different, filled with gloriously rotund men and women, fat beyond belief.
Not waiting for the guard to finish, Mel ran towards the sickroom, with the stuttering guard and rotund matron trailing behind.
And just for good measure, he is given distinct abilities from his shorter, rotund brother.
They didn't even look like they would support her rotund body.