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rotten / гнилой, прогнивший, тухлый
имя прилагательное
rotten, putrid, decayed, corrupt, unsound, carious
rotten, addle
имя прилагательное
suffering from decay.
rotten eggs
to an extreme degree; very much.
your mother said that I spoiled you rotten
There are plenty of rotten American films that had a great political impact.
The forest floor often is covered with duff from rotten pine needles, logs, and leaves.
We're told that the folks from here are evil, but we never see them do anything very rotten .
He reeked and tears filled her eyes from a mix of his rotten smell and the pain his dirty fingernails were causing as they dug into her cheek.
No matter how rotten the day had been or how lonely his life had become, she ignited a spark inside him that he'd considered dead and buried.
With that Max rammed head first into the wall and the rotten wood began to splinter.
If you only knew how many lousy meals and rotten movies he has dragged Diana to throughout the years.
She insists that the whole corporate system is rotten and even murkier crimes are committed in the financial world every day.
The next day, I moved in with my grandparents, who lived on the north side of Metrocon, and I guess to help me heal, they spoiled me rotten .
If political stability could be achieved by toppling a rotten dictator or if nations could be built at gunpoint, this problem would not be so pressing.