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rotor / ротор, рабочее колесо, несущий винт вертолета
имя существительное
rotor, runner
рабочее колесо
runner, rotor
несущий винт вертолета
имя существительное
a rotary part of a machine or vehicle, in particular.
As a message was typed into the machine, these rotors would spin around and calculate a letter to substitute for each letter of the message.
He suggests power to the attic as well, in case a rotor is required to turn the antenna to find different stations.
I consider the plaintiff is entitled to recover the whole cost of the replacement rotor .
To achieve this same increase using a larger rotor is usually a more expensive choice than placing a smaller rotor on a higher tower where it will receive stronger winds.
Should they malfunction or prove insufficient to slow the rotor in high winds, a large disk brake mounted on the generator shaft can smoothly bring the turbine to a halt.
The rotor turns an attached generator, creating electricity with a simple elegance, carving energy from the sky.
You'll hear your rotor speeding up and slowing down, and the roar of missiles as they fly by you.
They were pretty useless when confronted with the high-pitched whine of the rotor 's gears directly above our heads.
a helicopter rotor
a rotor cloud
He stuffed the plastic bag containing the rotor and the keys in it into his pocket, and picked up the battery with both hands.