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rote / наизусть
имя существительное
механическое запоминание
шум прибоя
wash, rote
имя существительное
mechanical or habitual repetition of something to be learned.
a poem learned by rote in childhood
His education was rigorous in the European way - many hours of learning by rote to draw every proportion and detail of the buildings he studied.
a poem learnt by rote in childhood
Subsequent studies have found that concept maps facilitated meaningful learning as opposed to rote learning.
Obedience, rote memorisation, and neatness are enshrined as somehow intellectual achievements.
a poem learned by rote in childhood
Unfortunately, the control scheme and the dependency on rote memorization, not to mention the immense difficulty level diminishes the quality of the game.
With low-involvement decisions, really all that is required is rather simple rote learning of the benefit associated with the brand.
I never learned by rote , nor have I ever believed it's the way to learn.
Argento is barely featured, and when he is talking, the answers seem like rote repetitions of things he's said about the film thousands of times before.
Whatever Lewis lacked in intellect, he compensated with hard work, observation, patience, perfectionism, rote learning, and attention to detail.