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rotate / вращаться, вращать, чередовать
rotate, revolve, turn, turn around, run, move
rotate, revolve, turn, roll, slew, rev
alternate, rotate, interchange
имя прилагательное
move or cause to move in a circle around an axis or center.
the wheel continued to rotate
Twenty years ago, managing corn rootworms was simple: just rotate crops from corn to soybeans.
the wheel continued to rotate
The combined officer positions simply rotate every two years; no need for a nominating committee in this group!
We must rotate crops to provide a variety of conditions and nutrient demands.
You need to rotate them with crops that have glomalin-producing fungi.
In accordance with the bank's policy to rotate the position of deputy governor, Burrows will hold the position for two years.
the wheel continued to rotate
Millions of tenant farmers in the developing world have little incentive to invest in land improvements, rotate crops or improve soil fertility.
Why, she asks her father, don't African peasants rotate their crops?
I assumed those barrels would rotate around when a round was spent, but they seemed too high-tech to be simple revolvers.