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rotary / ротационный, вращательный
имя прилагательное
rotary, rotatory, rotating, gyratory, rotative, rot
имя существительное
rotary, rotary press
печатная машина
printing machine, printing press, rotary
имя прилагательное
(of motion) revolving around a center or axis; rotational.
a rotary motion
имя существительное
a rotary machine, engine, or device.
By learning from the faults of previous large out-front turf rotaries and increasing engine horsepower, this unit has performed very well for many courses.
a traffic circle.
On rotaries , the only road signs you see are the ones you've just missed.
имя существительное
a worldwide charitable society of businessmen, businesswomen, and professional people, formed in 1905.
We've gone from having local farmers help out with labeling by hand to running automated labeling machines and high-speed rotary mold machines.
After a short while, in fact several times a day, he has to resharpen the chisels on a rotary grinding wheel he's acquired.
Thankfully, these rotary engines show no protest whatsoever when you do work them hard.
No mention is made of rotary motion from the elbow or lateral movement from the wrist.
There were mechanical, rotary dial types and these were pretty good as you could set almost any time very quickly.
Back in the 1940s, when the area code system was designed, there was no such thing as a touch-tone phone - all telephones operated via rotary dialing pulse operation.
These are potentiometers that operate in a linear direction as opposed to a rotary direction.
It packs motorized faders, multifunction rotary encoders and a host of keys.
This is particularly true of rotary combines that operate better at full load.
You may recall that rotary joysticks have handles that rotate to 12 different positions, designed for aiming in certain games.