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rota / расписание дежурств
имя существительное
расписание дежурств
rota, roster, duty list
имя существительное
a list showing when each of a number of people has to do a particular job.
a cleaning rota
the supreme ecclesiastical and secular court of the Roman Catholic Church.
While the Austrians stepped up their pressure on the pope, Francesco pursued the issue through a papal court, the Rota , in April 1726.
The rota was a print out of the weekly schedule fastened to a clipboard.
I was wondering if you could give me a copy of the volunteer's rota .
By the start of the following year, they were sleeping in separate rooms and using the bathroom and kitchen at different times on a rota .
weekly rota
In rural areas this may also mean organising a rota so that he or she may attend services in the various villages that they serve.
there are 12 people on a rota
a cleaning rota
Farmers have a complex, set rota based on the calendar.
The archaeologists had moved a caravan into the field and organized a rota of guards to make sure that sneak thieves would not be able to loot the site under their noses.
He isn't following the rota he taped to the fridge last week.