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rostrum / трибуна, кафедра, ростра
имя существительное
tribune, rostrum, platform, stand, grandstand, hustings
chair, pulpit, cathedra, lectern, rostrum, tribune
имя существительное
a raised platform on which a person stands to make a public speech, receive an award or medal, play music, or conduct an orchestra.
You should've seen the look on Tony's face, standing on the rostrum waiting for the receiving officer.
a beaklike projection, especially a stiff snout or anterior prolongation of the head in an insect, crustacean, or cetacean.
The anapsids start out with elongate jaws and rostra , but the entire muzzle becomes progressively shorter across their phylospace.
the winner's rostrum
At its peak, St. David's were regulars on the winners rostrum in the county leagues championships.
Upon entering the hall from the gallery of the rotunda, the viewer faced the elevated rostrum of the speaker at the south end, located under an arch that featured coffers filled with plaster rosettes.
When August comes around and Bovell more than likely mounts the medal rostrum in Athens, he will find himself under a kind of scrutiny he's never experienced.
While sound is amplified throughout the auditorium, certain parts of the audible spectrum are delayed in the seating areas farthest from the rostrum .
To make the link, there is a platform that can rise or fall on scissor jacks; it can act as a goods lift or a rostrum for speakers.
speaker after speaker stepped up to the rostrum
This trilogy is interesting technically, as it shows a virtuosity of rostrum technique, combined with stylised and painstaking animation drawing.
A powerfully built man, slightly hunched round shoulder level, he strides purposely onto the rostrum .
a rostrum camera