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rosette / розетка, розочка
имя существительное
rosette, socket, jack, rose, rosace, favor
имя существительное
a rose-shaped decoration, typically made of ribbon and awarded to winners of a competition.
Another attraction at the Royal Show, also competing for rosettes and prize cards are over thirty pure breeds of poultry, exhibiting in the Poultry Marquee on the first three days of the show and followed by a poultry display on the fourth.
a design, arrangement, or growth resembling a rose, in particular.
The doorknobs' roses or rosettes are simply cast and machined brass discs with a ribbed outside border having a three-inch diameter, twice the size of the normal knob rose.
‘It's been a great day for democracy,’ said one of Robinson's team as he adjusted his rosette .
It was perfect, with precise, even planes and a stamped-out whipped-cream rosette .
Young plants, with small leaves surrounding the central rosette , are best.
I graciously accepted the rosette and belt buckle, thanking the ring steward as I rode out and the applause trickled down.
This jewel of a vegetable with its rosette of bluish-red leaves has great visual appeal - both in the kitchen and the garden.
Most are plants growing in a stemless rosette of leaves, sometimes referred to as a tank or cup.
Long, sturdy, round flower stems develop from the leaf rosette starting in May.
The key to good control of musk thistle with herbicides is to control young plants in early May while they're in the rosette stage.
A rosette of chopped vegetables sat in the middle of the bowl, buried under a pedestal of fresh lobster, which collapsed back into the broth when you tweaked it with your spoon.
They can also be combined with a rosette and used to decorate an otherwise plain ceiling.