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rose / роза, розетка, розовый цвет
имя существительное
rosette, socket, jack, rose, rosace, favor
розовый цвет
pink, rose, rose-color, rose-colour
имя прилагательное
pink, rose, rosy, roseate, incarnadine, rose-colored
делать розовым
придавать розовый оттенок
имя существительное
a prickly bush or shrub that typically bears red, pink, yellow, or white fragrant flowers, native to north temperate regions. Numerous hybrids and cultivars have been developed and are widely grown as ornamentals.
The MacDonalds have gone for a pleasing mix of old and modern, shrub and bedding roses in white, pink, purple and gold.
a thing representing or resembling the flower, in particular.
a perforated cap attached to a shower, the spout of a watering can, or the end of a hose to produce a spray.
Place the seeds on this and cover with soil to the depth of the seed, then water with a watering can rose .
a warm pink or light crimson color.
the rose and gold of dawn
make rosy.
a warm flush now rosed her hitherto blue cheeks
имя существительное
any light pink wine, colored by only brief contact with red grape skins.
She smothered her creased skirts with her hands then pulled her matching, dusted rose pink gloves off and set them on a side table.
The rose of Sharon is a species of hibiscus, not a rose, but let that be.
Her high cheekbones were covered with the faintest hint of rose blush to highlight her complexion.
Around her the world is beginning to make itself known again, and the room is warm and pale rose .
Ikanya instantly faded, like a rose losing its petals as it died.
the 100% cotton line is available in rose pink and ocean blue
The sun sets with every shade of blush and rose imaginable lacing across the horizon.
Beneath the perfect powdering of snow: layer on pastry layer fine as flakes from skin, petals from a rose .
She stretched and looked at Amanda in disgust who wore a bright pink bathrobe over a rose pink colored nightgown complete with pink furry trimmings.
As her eyes flickered shut she saw the sun bursting through the trees in marvelous streams of gold, deep rose , and lavender.