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rosary / четки, розарий, молитвы по четкам
имя существительное
beads, rosary, chaplet, bead, paternoster
rose garden, rosary, rosarium, rosery
молитвы по четкам
имя существительное
(in the Roman Catholic Church) a form of devotion in which five (or fifteen) decades of Hail Marys are repeated, each decade preceded by an Our Father and followed by a Glory Be.
the congregation said the rosary
Do the Catholics make you say the rosary before lunch?
The cousin put away his rosary and put on a confessional grin to admit, correctly in our eyes, that ‘Well, I guess it helps to have a Lutheran in the stands every now and then.’
she is telling her rosary
After the walk, she says the rosary , sometimes all 150 Hail Marys.
the congregation said the rosary
Occasionally he would pray the rosary during the week.
Claudette couldn't concentrate on the epistle or the gospel, couldn't settle down to the rosary .
On the cot a seventy four-year lady is sitting with her rosary beads and chanting softly.
I stroked the beads of the rosary , and the glitter of the tiny crucifix caught my eye.
Taking a deep breath of his own, Patrick looked over at his mother as she slowly rocked back and forth, counting the beads of her rosary .