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ros / ros
This pale, full-bodied rosé is as good as anything being produced in more expensive Tavel in the Rhône valley.
Finally we tasted the Duval-Leroy Rosé de Saignée - a good solid rosé that's also nonvintage.
When boyfriends took me out to dinner, I always asked for Mateus rosé and told the waiter to save the bottle.
Richard jumps in, with memories of his parents drinking Blue Nun and Matéus rosé in the Seventies.
Because this was Provence, we ordered a bottle of rosé and a dish of zucchini blossoms, which I'd heard Vergé sometimes stuffed with whole truffles.
In return you will send two flutes of rosé champagne their way, because you just happened to be celebrating something.
Among reds, simple, fruity wines such as Beaujolais work best, while off-dry rosés are tailor-made for spices.
What makes rosé different from red wine is the limited contact the juice has with the skins - as little as a few hours.
Serve with a good chilled rosé - which will taste particularly fine with the rich, oily fish, sweet onions and salty olives.
The good news is that just as still pink wines have become respectable over the past decade, slowly so has rosé champagne, with more care taken over its production.