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ropy / тягучий, липкий, клейкий
имя прилагательное
viscous, stringy, ductile, ropy, malleable, viscid
sticky, adhesive, tacky, clammy, gummy, ropy
adhesive, sticky, glutinous, gooey, gummy, ropy
имя прилагательное
resembling a rope in being long, strong, and fibrous.
the ropy roots of the old tree
poor in quality or health; inferior.
a portrait by a pretty ropy artist
Only a handful of tracks are sung in rather ropy English.
It's always being thought that staff from failed e-commerce ventures had gained marketable experience, however ropy the business plan of the firms they worked for was.
It was somewhere we had visited on art college trips where, apart from the odd art gallery, the only Parisian experience we had was stumbling back through the red light district to our ropy hotel.
Derek Jarman is of course known for the mainly ropy , occasionally great films he made.
The graphics are at times ropy , but the animation is great, and the feeling of being in the world - albeit a linear, defined world - is very well realised.
His arms are ropy with muscle, shaved smooth, veins braiding down to his wrists.
The spindle cell areas showed extensive sclerosis with ropy , thick, osteoid-like collagen and microcalcifications.
My sodden hair clings in ropy hanks to my body.
Quaid has the lean, ropy physique of a lifelong athlete.
The arms connected to those hands were covered in ropy muscle all the way up to the broad shoulders.