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ropeway / канатная дорога
имя существительное
канатная дорога
cableway, ropeway
имя существительное
a transportation system for materials or people, used especially in mines or mountainous areas, in which cars are suspended from moving cables driven by a motor.
The authorities could even think of introducing modern systems such as ropeways to transport goods and thereby avoid the pack-donkey service, which has been a major problem at Sabarimala.
In tandem, the tourism department is cranking up its plans to develop Nandi Hills by setting up entertainment for children and adults as well as a ropeway .
The spectacular journey delivers you across the spine of Japan by cable car, bus, trolleybus and ropeway .
The place could be approached from the mainland through a tunnel, by boat or by ropeway , said highly-placed sources.
Men and material are transported between the two ships using a Jackstay Serial or a ropeway pulley system.
Mysterious Lagoon is now a commercial dive site, with an aerial ropeway for transporting dive-gear to and from the chasm, a stepped walkway for access and a platform at the water's edge.
The government has also put on offer the proposal for setting up a ropeway to the famous Hanuman temple at Jakhoo, the highest point, giving an aerial view of the hill town.
Bands, dancing and Gurkha storytelling will also feature, while the more energetic visitors can have a go at an Army climbing wall or aerial ropeway .
Until the 1920s, an aerial ropeway took its output to the coke ovens at the Huncoat Colliery.
Men could be taken across on a wire ropeway , but the heavy materials had to be transported by horses on a steep zig-zag track on the side of the canyon.
There was also an overhead ropeway with buckets carrying the ore from the shaft to the mill for crushing.