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rootstock / подвой, корневище
имя существительное
rootstock, stock
rhizome, rootstock
имя существительное
a rhizome.
Conventional tillage is effective for reducing populations of many biennial and perennial weeds that may arise from rhizomes or rootstocks .
Rather than having been budded onto a rootstock , shrublets grow on their own roots, making these plants less susceptible to the ravages of winter.
As a consequence, most people prefer to plant apple trees that have been grafted onto dwarfing rootstock .
Regrowth usually occurs, but this treatment will reduce competition from Canada thistle in soybeans and help prevent production of more rootstock .
It is something of a myth that only roses that have been budded on to a rootstock by a nurseryman will grow.
You'll know a tree is on grafted rootstock if you see the graft union - a change in bark pattern or a ridge toward the base of the tree.
All of these qualities vary with the species of fruit tree, the variety, and rootstock .
the rootstock of all post-Triassic ammonites
So growers fused English walnut grafts onto the black walnut rootstock when trees reached a certain age.
You can bud up higher, but any new growth that appears below that bud must be removed because it will be identical to the rootstock and not the desired variety.
It propagates itself by seeding and by creeping rootstock , so keep an eye on it and limit its growth.