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rootless / без корней, не имеющий корней
имя прилагательное
без корней
не имеющий корней
имя прилагательное
having no settled home or social or family ties.
a rootless nomad
(of a plant) not having roots.
a rootless flowering plant
We have witnessed the rise of a rootless generation - the legacy of immigration, exile, and mobility.
Well, I suppose the academic chaps would say I'm a product of the diaspora, rootless , not really at home anywhere.
Neither is rooted in Freudian psychology, though both were products of rootless lives, written after war and revolution had destroyed age-old certainties.
Such rootless veterans lacked the ‘settlement’ necessary to qualify for poor relief.
Plants exhibiting rootless corn symptoms have either lodged and are laying on the ground or are ready to lodge.
The horse started off again, slowly and with clomping steps that churned up loose stones and rootless weeds.
Colonial security and prosperity depended on soldiers, convicts, and slaves, but they were seen as dangerous because most were rootless young males who were alien from European settlers.
I think people from India feel rootless when they come here.
True, its residents were as rootless and as homeless as gypsies, only, unlike gypsies, they have stopped wandering.
She was also many of the things the writer believed must naturally follow from all the above: vapid, spoiled, rich, uninformed, rootless , and complacent.