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rookie / новобранец, новичок, рекрут
имя существительное
rookie, recruit, conscript, dogface, squaddie, jeep
beginner, novice, newcomer, rookie, recruit, neophyte
recruit, intake, rookie, dogface
имя существительное
a new recruit, especially in the army or police.
a rookie cop
In many professional sports, after a rookie has success in his/her first year, sport pundits wait to see if the athlete has any sophomore woes in their second season.
The only one that doesn't want to take any blame ever is rookie homicide detective Thomas.
As he embarks on his mission, he recalls how he recruited and trained the young rookie , at that time a sergeant in Vietnam.
Jimmy was not going to win Rookie of the Year, even though the innings he pitched barely qualified him for a rookie season.
Tracking down a horrifying killer, a rookie cop discovers what it is like for the hunter to become the hunted.
Even a rookie police officer could see he was involved with the other assassins.
Charleton was named to the All-Rookie team after an outstanding rookie year with the Clan.
The rookie mayor is making four catastrophic errors.
Jake had only been a rookie officer then and he'd been sickened by the waste of life.
Mr. Orange is a rookie crook hired on by Joe to be the lookout at the door.