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rooftop / плоская крыша
имя существительное
плоская крыша
flat roof, rooftop, terrace, lead
имя существительное
the outer surface of a building's roof.
Hundreds of people are still waiting to be rescued from the rooftops of homes and buildings.
rooftop protests
Only those who had a tall rooftop to take refuge on were really safe from the wall of water that washed in from the sea.
a rooftop garden
I heard about a young man who watched the towers start to go down from his Manhattan rooftop .
She points at a sloping rooftop , different from the flat and wide roofs of the local Arab dwellings.
It then grabbed a hold of the little railing around the rooftop of the building.
It also has two parks next to the school, a rooftop play area and a multi-purpose indoor play area for the children.
Finally, look as closely as you can, to a rooftop on one of the middle-sized buildings downtown.
On the rooftop she had a good view of the city, but disliked it immensely.
From the café on the rooftop you can look out across the massed roofs of the three component cities of medieval Fes.