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roofing / покрытие крыши, кровля, кровельные работы
имя существительное
покрытие крыши
roof, roofing, top, housetop, back
кровельные работы
имя существительное
material for constructing a building's roof.
a house with corrugated tin roofing
cover with a roof.
the yard had been roughly roofed over with corrugated iron
The best way to disclose a roof repair is to present a copy of the roofing contractor's receipt for the completed work.
I've got most of the roof done, and all I need to do there is nail a few more boards to it and smear that roofing tar across it.
a house with corrugated iron roofing
I know some carpentry, but I know nothing about electrical or plumbing or roofing .
First, the old roofing has to be removed and the top of the roof deck exposed and cleaned.
The outside was done in pale blue siding they'd gotten for half price; the roof, done in shingling leftover from someone else's roofing job, they had received for free.
Built of a strong timber-frame and wooden floors, the roofing was galvanized corrugated iron sheeting.
Ideally, thatch roofing and other combustibles were removed.
Lattice and slat-style roofing are also effective ways of diffusing excess heat while still letting you enjoy the sun.
When it is time to replace roofing , install light-colored shingles (composition, metal, or tile) to reflect heat.